Why Do People Use Collagen Creams?

collagen creamCollagen is an elastic protein naturally found in the human body’s connective tissues. As people age, the amount of collagen naturally present in the body diminishes. This causes sagging of the facial skin, crows feet, and the typical aged skin effect. This is where the entire collagen cream industry comes to play.

When it comes to effectiveness, my first findings in Google are about 50/50. It seems half the people swear it works, and the other half is sure it doesn’t. This is going to be a lot of work.

Collagen Used In Soft Tissue Engineering Laboratory

While researching collagen side effects I stumbled across <a href=”http://bme.columbia.edu/announcements/sia_collagen/index.html”>this article</a> explaining how SEAS Biomedical Engineering researchers had used Collagen to connect together soft tissues engineered in their lab.

This tends to make me lean more toward the “has effective uses” crowd.   The more I research collagen, the more I’m finding it is used by many research labs and universities in all types of tissue experiments.   Certainly these findings tweak my already high level of interesting in the real effects of collagen and the myths.

Collagen Cream Source website launch planned.

Collagen Cream Source is proud to annouce we’ve secured web hosting and have selected the WordPress CMS to manage our website.

We will bring you reviews and discussions about collagen beauty creams.  We’ll journey deep into the industry to find direct suppliers and collagen wholesalers.

Our goal is to officially launch our website on June 1st 2010.  Please bookmark us and check back for our grand opening.

My Collage Cream Investigations

Collagen creams have been marketed online since the internet began. I only took interest in them recently when a friend of mine began working for what he called an “exciting new company”. I came to find out it was some sort of face serum laboratory that mainly worked with internet wholesalers and large volume vendors.

He explained to me how the older collagen creams were largely ineffective, but that newly engineered beauty creams were effective because the molecules were small enough to penetrate the skin. As time went by I realized his job was going very well and I wanted to investigate if his company was really good at advertising, or if their product really worked well.

More time has passed and I’ve decided to check into this collagen craze and see what’s it’s all about, and what opportunities it may have for me. Follow along as I investigate collage creams and trying to decide if I want to enter that industry after my current projects and obligations are completed.